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An EU platform for labor market policy programs and projects

Part of the European Future Label
Care to Change the World


EUSL Care is an EU platform for labor market policy programs and training with the aim of being the solution to the skills shortage that Sweden and most other EU and EEA countries suffer from. It refers to several classic working professions but also includes some activities that in themselves require a certain amount of prior knowledge. 

EUSL Care is a complete solution with several purposes. In addition to stimulating the private sector, there is also an agenda to improve the reception process for new arrivals, refugees and immigrants to both Sweden and the EU. The truth is that in Sweden alone, hundreds of thousands more workers are needed to continue to be able to support the welfare we have become accustomed to. The situation is similar in other EU countries, but since a few years ago, the domestic population in the EU has decreased, but in practice only increased due to immigration. 

The system we are used to today is an extremely slow process, where it can take several years for a person who comes here to become established and self-sufficient. It only leads to costs and promotes racism and a "we and them"- think. 

Together with members of the European Social Label, labor market policy programs and projects are created here, but also solutions to all of life's small dilemmas that are outside formal working hours. It refers to housing both during the program period as well as after, when someone goes to work, and it includes activities and employment in leisure time so that everyone who attends the programs has a stimulating and healthy everyday life. 

Method and orientations

Through dialogue with relevant authorities and regions, it is possible to identify which professions are considered to be deficient in all regions. After that, a dialogue is taken with the business community in these regions to verify the need and they are then offered to have access to the type of skills they need within a number of months. 

The business community is also prepared for what is expected of them if they both want to help themselves and help others at the same time within what is called the Treatment Guide, the validation system that the European Social Label has developed for its members. 

EUSL Care focuses a lot on specializations such as warehouses, service personnel, household-related services, certain craft occupations, assistant nurses and the like where everything between no and lower formal competence requirements exists.

The programs should be relatively short so that a participant only gets the skills they really need to then go to work and thus get everything else that you need. 

Join EUSL Care

At the moment, EUSL Care is bringing in partners from countries other than Sweden in the business. The purpose is to take part in the common knowledge and its establishment process as well as participation in the daily work of developing and executing labor market policy programs and projects. You also get an increased insight into how Sweden works at the same time as EUSL Care's competence portfolio is expanded. Formally, you enter as a member of EUSL Care and in step two you get help with establishing the concept in your own country and adaptations of the business so it fits the country's laws and regulations. As a member of EUSL Care, you also get a unique insight into the enormous demands that the use of public funds poses. 

Please contact us if interested. 

The establishment process

Join and help people get into the local community. Cooperation with authorities as well as business and contribute to reducing exclusion in society. 

Service staff

Several regions in Sweden suffer from acute shortages in the service industry. It includes cleaning staff, receptionists, chefs and more. This is where one of EUSL Care's main areas is.

Warehouse worker

With today's technology, everyone can work with bearings. For many, it is a good way to get their first job as it requires very little formal skills. Still, there is a great shortage in Sweden!